B.A. Studio started business in 1990 with only 2 staff as a Photo processor with a mini laboratory which sells camera, film and other related things to photography.

After 10 years of thorough research studies and development, its business has expanded and was renovated with the sponsorship of Magic Star. B.A. now employees more than 10 workers and has acquired computer facilities.
Aside from film processing, video editing, digital layout and printing, B.A. also makes Audio Visual Presentation and Digital Photo Slides Presentation. Its services include Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, Family Portrait, Product Shots, Advertising, Corporate Events and Coverage. It also includes the option of having a "CRYSTALLIZED" yet personalized "SOUVENIR".
With Constant search to latest trend to photography, B.A. Studio never fails to upgrade with latest technology. It has also participated in numerous Bridal Fairs.
On June 3, 2006, Mr. Bobby So had a live interview at DZMM in their radio program entitled "Radyo Negosyo" which airs every Saturday from 7 PM to 8 PM hosted by Ms. Anna Marie Periquet and Mr. Marlo Sanchez. On June 15, 2006 he was featured at "The Morning Show", an in-house production of NBN that is daily aired from 6:30 AM to 9 AM. The said program is also being viewed on NBN America and NBN Middle East.
B.A. Studio does not only capture significant moments, it also helps client create images with Artistic and Distinctive approach to photography.